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Life Interrupted: A Brother’s Legacy Left Behind with Dr. Parul Dua Makkar

Life Interrupted: A Brother’s Legacy Left Behind with Dr. Parul Dua Makkar

Have you had to cope with grief with no friends or family nearby?

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar has a powerful story of her own. She practices dentistry in Long Island but has global roots in India, the Middle East, and Canada.

But these days, she spends much of her time sharing the story of her younger brother (and only sibling), Dr. Manu Dua. Her life took a turn in 2021 when he succumbed to oral cancer in Canada while she was in the U.S. during pandemic travel restrictions.

While going through the difficulties of the disease, Manu wrote about his beliefs and experiences in his book Life Interrupted. So Parul took it upon herself to finish what he started and help spread her message about oral cancer awareness and prevention. And today, she’s here to share her perspective and Manu’s words with you.

In this episode of the Words of Love podcast, you’ll hear about the progression of Manu’s illness and the grieving process of his family. You’ll also discover some of the words of wisdom Manu left behind and Parul’s last note to her departed younger brother.

5:04 - Dr. Parul Dua Makkar shares the progression of Manu’s illness

14:39 - Saying goodbye to Manu in the midst of the COVID pandemic

20:19 - A powerful perspective on hope and what Parul hopes for after this ordeal with her brother

26:26 - How we leave the legacy of our lives behind to benefit others

31:11 - Detaching and becoming an observer of your own pain

36:36 - Dr. Manu Dua’s words on chasing trophies and enjoying the small things

41:27 - How Parul and her sons processed the grief of Manu’s passing

47:45 - Parul reads her last note to Manu

About Dr. Parul Dua Makkar

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar completed her Bachelor of Science from University of Central Oklahoma 1999, Magna Cum Laude and then DDS from University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, in 2003. She practiced in Alberta, CA before moving to NY. Here she completed a GPR training at Staten Island University Hospital, 2007 and has been in private practice since. 

Currently she is the owner of PDM Family Dental in Long Island, NY, a place she resides in with her husband and 2 boys. Dr. Makkar's life took a different trajectory when she lost her only and younger sibling, Dr. Manu Dua, to Oral Cancer last year. He was a Dentist as well. 

Since his death, she devotes her time educating doctors and patients alike about risk factors, prevention and advocating for early diagnosis of Oral cancer. She has co-authored several Dental journals, has been presenting lectures to Dentists and has been a guest at several podcasts, besides her own podcast. She believes oral care is the gateway to overall well-being and aims to have open conversations with her patients. 

Dr. Parul Dua Makkar has been featured in the American, Canadian and British Dental Journals. She is the recipient of the Denobi Awards 2022 as well as LI Excellence in Healthcare 2022, Power Woman of Long Island 2022 and has been awarded Outstanding Women’s Acheivement Award by Indian American Forum 2023 and named Healthcare Hero in May 2023. She has also co-authored of the book ‘Life Interrupted, Dr. Dua’s Survival Guide’ which is a winner of CIPA EVVY Award for Motivational/Inspirational books. She is currently serving as a Wellness Ambassador for the American Dental Association.

Parul Dua Makkar, DDS


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